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Dr. Sargent says women are growing masculine and men are becoming effeminate.

First, for discharging firearms within city limits; second, for killing a bird protected by law; third, for destroying private property, and fourth, for neglect of his duties.

…arrested today for allowing dust to escape from his establishment.

It was revealed that Goldbach was influenced by cheap novels which he had been reading.

“There were no fish on the ark,” said Levi, “and I refuse to prosecute this case.”

I think the women can live without the companionship of men better than the men without the society of women.

When the lovers seated themselves at Frank’s table and started to make such violent love that the table was overturned and the sugar bowl and array of condiments were spilled on the floor, the waiter attempted to eject Smith.

The accidents have been especially frequent on streetcars and usually men have been the victims.

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