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A seven year old Princess Elizabeth serves tea in front of Y Bwthyn Bach, the royal Wendy housea gift from the people of Wales to Elizabeth and Margaret on Elizabeth’s sixth birthday in March of 1932. To accompany the house, which was

modeled after a typical Welsh cottage, she was also given a pedal car, with a live puppy in the back seat. In 2012 Princess Beatrice helped give the playhouse a facelift, changing the colour scheme from the original blue to a new pale green, choosing new curtains, updating the wiring and having the roof re-thatched. Eight decades later and the royal children still play in the little house. Royal Lodge, 1933.

Girls’ playground, St Paul, Minnesota, 1905

It is an admirable thing that one man sitting in a cushioned luxury-vehicle, on pleasure bent, has the right of way over the hundreds of pedestrians who are wearing out shoe leather trying to earn enough to make the first payment for an auto of their own.

The origin of the term “By Jingo!” – Daily Colonist (Victoria, BC) 1863

A Franklyn’s dogge leped over a style,

and hys name was littel Byngo;

B with a Y – Y with an N – 

N with a G – G with an O –

They called him littel Byngo

Thys Franklyn, Syrs, he brewed goode ale,

and he called it rare goode styngo.

S, T, Y, N, G, O

Now is notte thys a pretty song?

I think it is, bye Jyngo!

J wythe a Y, N, G, O

I swear it is by Jyngo!

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