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The Montana Standard, Butte, Montana, February 7, 1954

The San Francisco Examiner, California, February 16, 1926

The Queensland Figaro, Brisbane, April 9, 1927

The Enchanted Pool by Hilda Cowham, 1928


Elizabeth Douglas-Scott-Montagu (later Varley; daughter of the 2nd

Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, sister of the 3rd

Baron Montagu of Beaulieu); actress, author, war worker (ambulance driver and translator), and friend of Orson Welles and Graham Greene; modelling a wedding gown, 1934

From Wikipedia:

She travelled extensively throughout Europe in 1935–39, and also studied at a piano school in Switzerland. When asked about her racial background while applying for a visa at the German consulate in St. Gallen, she angrily swept items – including a portrait of Hitler – from the desktop onto the floor. Her passport was confiscated.

While working at the Political Intelligence Department at the British Embassy in Berne, she translated material from within Germany, including information on what was happening at Treblinka extermination camp. 

Good Morning by the Daily Mirror, England, February 4, 1944

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