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The San Francisco Examiner, California, August 29, 1915

The Oakley Graphic, Kansas, August 13, 1920

Reno Gazette-Journal, Nevada, September 8, 1950

The Graphic, England, June 15, 1929

It took him 21 days (and many peanuts, they wear out quickly), but he did it a day and a half ahead of his proposed finish. This wasn’t Bill William’s first foray into the peanut pushing practice – he’d pushed peanuts 11 miles in 9 days (and was hit by a car) the past December when he lost a political bet. For getting his peanuts pushed up Pike’s Peak, 22 miles in under 22 days, he won $500.

Suffragettes during a municipal election in

Ueno Park, Tokyo, 1929

James Dean

El Paso Times, Texas, August 26, 1956:

The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee, October 7, 1956:

The Age, Melbourne, Australia, October 25, 1956:

The Baltimore Sun, Maryland, October 31, 1956:

The Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin, December 9, 1956:

The Des Moines Register, Iowa, December 31, 1956:

La Grande Observer, Oregon, April 6, 1957:

The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee, April 28, 1957:

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, October 26, 1958:

The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, March 29, 1964:

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