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Highlighting the Parallels
of Past and Present

Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, May 14, 1939

Cupid’s Cyclopedia, Oliver Herford, 1910

The New York Age, New York, January 15, 1955

Chicago Tribune, Illinois, March 18, 1938

The Dothan Eagle, Alabama, April 14, 1947


The Sphere, London, February 13, 1932

Des Moines Tribune, Iowa, February 19, 1932


The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, October 9, 1932

The Sphere, London, February 13, 1932

The Decatur Daily Review, Illinois, October 15, 1933  

When doing community work, the system is to lean on the bell until they open the door – or the battery is exhausted.

Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York, August 22, 1925

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