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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, April 10, 1905

Cléo de Mérode in The Tatler December 28, 1904
Image © The British Library Board. All Rights Reserved.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, November 15, 1945

News-Journal, Mansfield, Ohio, March 12, 1915

Lansing State Journal, Michigan, March 5, 1924

Lansing State Journal, Michigan, March 14, 1924

Neodesha Register, Kansas, October 26, 1922

Blog recommendations?

Oh jeez! Well, when I think of these blogs I think of..

@classicwom – Classic Hollywood and Disney (and Downton Abbey/Dan Stevens of course)!

@jinxy7 – Retro ads and old Hollywood, lots of midcentury atomic era stuff.

@wehadfacesthen – Lovely old Hollywood photos. Lots of rare shots of celebrities and more artsy pictures too.

@mudwerks – Vintage photos, retro movie gifs, some old advertising. All sorts of good things.

@zeehasablog – Some more lovely old photos! Late 19th century to midcentury. Daguerreotypes, royalty, old dresses, fashion plates, architecture.

@the1920sinpictures – Self explanatory blog handle! The 1920s in photos, dresses, magazine covers, songbooks. Art deco stuff as well.

@jazzbabyyvette – 1920s, lots of photographs and intertitles and advertising.

@shewhoworshipscarlin – All sorts of historical stuff, artifacts, literature and paintings.

@felixkeepswalking – Old cartoons! Comics and gifs and covers, plus they get into the history of it.

@yeoldenews – A historian who posts old newspaper clippings but recently (okay, it’s not really a recent endeavor anymore, but CURRENTLY), while they transcribe, they’ve been sharing the saga of Rachel and her family through their 800+ letters they wrote around the turn of the century. So newspaper clippings have understandably kind of fallen by the wayside, but for something that’s really worthwhile! The letters are hilarious and heartwarming and you should just go check it out for yourself.

@aintthatakick – Old Hollywood, 20s to 60s.

@detroitlib – Books! And Detroit! 

@books0977 – Neat old book covers and other cool old photos/art.

@jackcowboyhero – Jack and Nell! A cowboy and a horse!

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