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Dancers Tibor von Halmay and

Vera Mahlke, 1932 (photographed by Martin Munkacsi)

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 26, 1935


Charles Laughton (The Hunchback of Notre Dame,

Jamaica Inn) holding his cat. Photographed by his wife, Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein), Hollywood, 1932 

How old does a headline have to be to be featured here? I know most of the stuff is pretty obvious, but for the less obvious stuff, where (or when, I suppose) do you draw the line?

I’ve asked myself this question quite often! It’s not really a hard and fast rule, and it’s definitely changed over the years. While I like to stay around 1890 – 1949, I’d say the cut-off is about 1962.. but once in a blue moon something up as late as 1969 slips in. 

When I started, my idea was to be generally from 1860-1940, with the emphasis on about 1900  to 1929. (I started posting Dear George columns from the 60s my husband was like “isn’t that cutting it a little close?!”, haha). I think John Keasler continued writing Dear George until about 1975 and I like that column so much that I’ll probably end up posting it until I run out of them!

But then, with the help of Patreon support (thank you!!!) I’ve been able to do two things: 

  1. Expand some of the services I use, which allows me to access more papers, especially ones that are later than what’s in the public domain (1922 right now). The price difference between basic and total subscriptions was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and had been putting me off for a long time – but it’s been worth it!
  2. Subscribe to other services, like British newspaper archives (which is where I get almost all the photos I post lately – they have tabloids as well as newspapers, which is fun) and has also allowed me to create my secondary blog, @theroyalhistory​, where I post old pictures of royalty that (I hope, anyway) aren’t seen very often.

Lately when I read through papers, page by page, day by day, I still stick to papers from around 1890 through the 1940s, and when I search for things I don’t set a start date and set the cut-off at either 1958 or 1962 (why those two years? I’ve no idea!). 

Lilyan Tashman and Norma Talmadge in 

New York Nights, 1929

The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, December 29, 1932


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Swimming pool cocktail party, England, 1932

Chicago Tribune, Illinois, October 27, 1907

Helen Gilliland and Amy Johnson with J.A. Mollison and Carl Brisson, Australia, 1932

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, July 11, 1868

The Salem News, Ohio, February 23, 1909

The Des Moines Register, Iowa, August 28, 1938

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