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She made me feel so old. Joking and laughing with my husband. I hadn’t been able to make Dan laugh that way for years.

The Evening News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, November 7, 1928

The sentence given him is undoubtedly the stiffest ever given for the offense charged.

He proved he lived in a piano box house on “Goose Hill” and that he paid $3 for the house, and that he had in it a gasoline stove, potatoes and flour and blankets to sleep on, and that he has worked and paid for all these things.

Are you shunned and pitied because of repulsive-looking hickies?

…the person convicted has to make a stated number of brooms before he can regain his freedom.

Give her a real thrill this Christmas!

Go to the younger crowd if you want the right word on what to wear or drive or smoke.

When the dinner check reads $16.85 and you have only $9.26 … be nonchalant … light a Murad Cigarette

“Your honor,” said Attorney Ferrera, appearing for Mareno, “I don’t think this boy should be punished by the court, because while he was in my office arranging his defense, his mother came in and gave him one of the soundest beatings I ever witnessed”

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