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Japanese kindergarten class in Portland, Oregon 1911.

The invention is a musical bed. The sleepless and tired man goes to bed with his foot releases a spring which sets a musical box in motion. The apparatus begins to grind out lullabies and melodies, and in a short time the patient is snoring peacefully.

“Well, de doctor tell me to take de eggs,” he was heard to mutter as he was being led away.

One young spark wrote in pencil underneath:

“It’s all right; we never came.”

“I do not believe [the] aeroplane will ever take the place of trains or steamships for carrying passengers…I believe ultimately the aeroplane may be put to special uses in the carrying of passengers, but never in excess of 15 or 20 persons.”

Look at the snappy, classy FORD Model “T” Torpedo Runabout pictured above.

Is there any truth in the statement that a woman’s hair if it lay in stagnant water for a long time will turn into a snake?


Your old feathers can be made over into the fashionable Willow Plume, or dyed to match any costume.

based on the statements of Henry Mors, a nurse who claims he put three aged inmates to death recently because they “were too much trouble.”

Editor Times: Through the columns of your newspaper will you kindly apprise all who wish to know that the Wiley Cook arrested on a burglary charge is not myself, and is in no way related to our family? Wiley Cook, Midland, R.D. No 4

Lasting gift for best pal or best gal.

Every kid in the neighborhood will want to skin the cat on your new doorway gym bar.

Look for the Jap girl on every package.

After testing the power of his right arm several times, he tried a new stunt. Lowering his head, Couvert charged the machine goat-fashion, butting the padded spring strenuously. As it kicked back, Couvert rolled over dead.

But it was found that most of the places where liquor is sold cater to the feminine element. It is a terrible condition of things.

“We want pretty school marms,” he declared. “And the children will be interested and not ‘skip’ school.”

After sickness or operation it is a pathetic mistake to accept drugs or alcoholic mixtures

The clothes worn today by girls of 14, 15 and 16 are positively immodest, so much so that they encourage advances from the opposite sex.

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