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It is as essential to absolute bodily cleanliness as water itself.

You Suffer From Bad or Aching Teeth Because You FEAR PAIN.


in Filling and Extracting Teeth.

Mrs. Brown, when told of the murder, only commented that “it served my husband right”

Do not blame the poor man, but get him to take a treatment of Mile Stomach and Liver Pills

Then, too, housework is as dignified as one cares to make it.

100 years ago today, January 25th 1915, the first transcontinental phone call was made

We will tell you how Electric lighting equipment can be installed in your home without dirt or damage to decorations.

…beat her up every time the Germans suffered a defeat…

Caption: Delivering her Christmas presents to other cities

He won’t be happy ‘till he gets in!

The Man from Connecticut hates to look like this in public, but he can’t control himself just now.

The girls will all be after you when they see the wad.

A sassy bear, with shaggy coat, mounted on wheels.

Bring all the cats you can find. They will not be hurt or injured.

This new more tender macaroni product is the ideal substitute for meat.

Were it omitted we would make more money, but you could not have such fine waffles and pancakes.

ambulances and funerals? almost sounds like a conflict of interest.

The flechette, as it is called, when dropped from a height of 3,000 feet, will penetrate a man from his helmet to his feet.

Be good looking and have your children grow up to be handsome men and women.

I fooled them all and cured myself by a simple discovery.

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