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The Missouri Herald, Hayti, Missouri, August 6, 1914

Marshall County News, Kansas, November 6, 1914

Lubbock Morning Avalanche, Texas, January 2, 1952

Out of pure linquistic curiosity, how often do you see the term “Tinker” used in the ply articles you post/go through? (I noticed the usage of “a tinker’s dam” in the article from The Call-Leader, Elwood, Indiana 1937 and I was shocked to see a term I’ve never heard outside Ireland and the UK used so casually in an Indiana paper. I probably wouldn’t have sent this ask if it was an East Coast paper, but I just didn’t expect large groups of English Isles immigrants so far inland.)

Not super often.. but then, I haven’t really been looking for it, so maybe more often than I think! I did see one a couple days ago when I was looking for things with “damn” that said something about how “it’s still swearing, even if you say Tinker’s Dam”

Here’s one similar to the one I saw (might even be the same!)

The Daily Republican,

Monongahela, Pennsylvania, September 7, 1915


Although, by 1937..

Interior Journal, Stanford, Kentucky, August 6, 1937


And, hey, even in 1904:

The Coffeyville Daily Journal, Kansas, October 24, 1904

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