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The girls will all be after you when they see the wad.

A sassy bear, with shaggy coat, mounted on wheels.

Bring all the cats you can find. They will not be hurt or injured.

This new more tender macaroni product is the ideal substitute for meat.

Were it omitted we would make more money, but you could not have such fine waffles and pancakes.

ambulances and funerals? almost sounds like a conflict of interest.

The flechette, as it is called, when dropped from a height of 3,000 feet, will penetrate a man from his helmet to his feet.

Be good looking and have your children grow up to be handsome men and women.

I fooled them all and cured myself by a simple discovery.

…wrapped her 5-months-old baby in a blanket, put her in the oven of the kitchen stove to keep warm and went out to gather fuel.

Omaha daily bee, Nebraska, January 07, 1915

The man in whose lap Mrs. Collins was sitting was said to be her brother George.

Smith knocked the ashes from his pipe and, walking into the back yard, jumped head first into a 28-foot well. When members of the fire department hauled him to the top they found he was uninjured.

Liss had in his shop 30 pounds of butts and 41,500 cigarettes made of that material.

To keep an army of men bodily clean is one of the herculean tasks with which all the warring forces must combat. The photo shows a bathroom in the trenches north of Soisson, only 100 yards away from the German lines, where the men can enjoy their accustomed ablutions. 

A select school for white children only

Linderman was whirling the pussy around his head when a policeman told him to stop. The cat struck the policeman and a battle ensued, in which Linderman came out in need of hospital attention.

from Stepping Stones to Americanism: A Quiz for Naturalization, What Applicants Must Know to Pass and Become Naturalized Citizens: Edited by Federal Judge Chas. F. Clemons 

tape worm removed alive in two hours by special remedy, head guaranteed. 

set off an alarm clock or fire a revolver out the window. or you might hurt a chair into the next room.

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