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Highlighting the Parallels of Past and Present

Evansville Press, Indiana, August 7, 1909

I cats see your posts anymore due to the new update and safe mode stuff. Its says your posts are “sensitive”

I’ve messaged Tumblr support about it 🙁

They have a help desk post that says:

If your blog was incorrectly flagged, or if you have since removed the sexually explicit content, you can contact the Trust & Safety team. Go to and follow these steps:

  • In “What’s going on?” select “Blog incorrectly marked as explicit.”
  • In the box, provide a quick explanation of why you think your blog should be unflagged so we know what to look for.
  • In “Relevant blog,” select the blog we should be looking at.
  • And confirm your email address is the one you used to register your account. This will also be the email address that we’ll use if we need to contact you.

So we’ll see!

Is this sensitive thing something you can turn on/off as a setting? I haven’t seen anything by anyone marked sensitive yet! 

Evansville Press, Indiana, August 7, 1909

($15 in 1909 is about $380 today)

The Evening Herald, Ottawa, Kansas, July 30, 1904

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