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They were caught Saturday night pouring liquor through the bars with a paper funnel to the prisoners on the inside

the idea is to keep women out of the barrooms entirely.

also cures Milton of his horribly-last-season neckwear 

If you went to buy a lion whelp you wouldn’t accept a kitten as a substitute

The Summer Girl of ‘98

She wears a short skirt, striped shirt waist, and plaid stockings.

The hat the swell people are wearing.

Article printed in the San Francisco Call on April 16, 1898. Just over four months later, on August 12, 1898 Hawaii’s sovereignty was transferred to the United States. 

When a man visited the Museum, paying 25 cents admission, he was handed this book, “The Philosophy of Marriage and Catalouge of Museum”. After a man had gone through the museum and seen the horrible models, real or imaginary (more imaginary than real) put there for effect, it impressed him so he must consult Dr. Jordan about his case, if not it might end badly. So he would go to the Doctor and pay $5 for a thorough examination, including the urine.

After the Doctor examines the urine he tells the victim he finds much semen and particles of his brain in it and if not attended to soon, his case will turn out like the bad case he saw in the museum, that he had cured. It was an easy matter to land the victim after the bad scare he got in the museum.

                                             – California State Journal of Medicine (1916)

without whiskey, breakfast is just a waste.

Chief of Police Seymour’s edict that the anti-spitting ordinance must be enforced resulted in the arrest of five persons yesterday who expectorated upon the sidewalks,

George von Lengerke Meyer was Secretary of the Navy from 1909 – 1913. He died in 1918.

The all-male Stanford cheerleaders of 1910. Cheerleading by women did not come into vogue until the 1940’s.

A free silver filling from Van Vroom Electro-Dental Parlors with this coupon!

Can be given in tea, coffee or food, thus absolutely and secretly curing the patient in a short time without his knowledge.

Solicitor angered because given milk instead of cream with his coffee.

On nearing the house club steps the police found a dummy sprinkled with catsup.

Any product which contains hog fat is subject to the taint or possibility or germs. Lard is made from hog fat – it may be pure and it may not.

A few weeks ago Mrs. Raspiller threw a beefsteak and boiling grease into the face of her husband when he complained that the steak was too rare.

Adolph says he’s been hypnotized so that he can’t talk when he wants to ask for a job

The actors were very much interested in assuring the success of the play, and throughout the whole evening had acted with unusual spirit. In the scene of the fight with which the play ended the young actor playing the role of the Spaniard was so seriously wounded by the blow from the dagger that he died in sight of the audience. The spectators, and even the associates of the actor in the play, were ignorant to what had happened.

Dr. Sargent says women are growing masculine and men are becoming effeminate.

First, for discharging firearms within city limits; second, for killing a bird protected by law; third, for destroying private property, and fourth, for neglect of his duties.

…arrested today for allowing dust to escape from his establishment.

It was revealed that Goldbach was influenced by cheap novels which he had been reading.

“There were no fish on the ark,” said Levi, “and I refuse to prosecute this case.”

I think the women can live without the companionship of men better than the men without the society of women.

When the lovers seated themselves at Frank’s table and started to make such violent love that the table was overturned and the sugar bowl and array of condiments were spilled on the floor, the waiter attempted to eject Smith.

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