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The accidents have been especially frequent on streetcars and usually men have been the victims.

The Hopsburger man is the friend of old age.

the two men farthest from the middle san franciscan 

The average San Franciscan man in 1910

Just step to your Bell Telephone, call up the doctor or druggist, state the case, and act on the advice which you receive.

The bread that’s protected against dirt and handling by a dainty waxed paper

Jurgens and four witnesses testified that he simply shoved Devaris along and told him to go home and put on some clothes.

…bread crumbs are the finest  cleansers for white paper.

An inexpensive tonic, and yet an effective one, is kerosene. Use a medicine dropper to apply the oil to the scalp twice a week.

Because her husband stole her jams, jellies and fruits from the pantry and gave them to his women friends, Mrs. May Bolton today began a suit for divorce against William Bolton on the ground of cruelty.

Bolton, she alleged, had a circle of friends of questionable reputation upon whom he bestowed pantry goods as well as his affections.

Among other acts of cruelty charged was that of being spanked with the broad side of a butcher knife.

Another grievance was that McKay would not buy her ice cream.

McDougall imagined that he had been turned into a steam engine.

“One walking up and down the streets, especially in the downtown district, can not help but be impressed with the belief that the extreme styles in dress which the young girls are prone to wear must surely be contributing causes to delinquency”

An invasion into the homes of the poor at night while the inmates shall have retired is said to be one of the newest moves designed for the religious, moral and sanitary uplift of the national capital.

Armed with a flashlight camera, the probation officer, it is said, will secure the photographic evidence of the conditions that prevail when the mantle of night has fallen upon the homes.

She eats an apple and looks straight in the mirror as the clock strikes twelve. She is rewarded by seeing her future husband’s face in the mirror.

“most beautiful one!” he breathed into my ear

Blackguard originally meant the kitchen boys and potwashers employed in a gentleman’s kitchen.

For a man to cook his daily meals

And then make up his bed,

And sweep the floor and all the rest

Makes him wish that he was dead.

pedestrians must expect to be showered with pellets from bean shooters and find windows of their places of business nicely soaped up on the following morning.

Why didn’t she have her valuables in the safety deposit vaults?


He flew at her and scratched her about the face and pecked out one of her eyes.

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