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Every afternoon, at about 2 o’clock, when Gay dismounts at Fifth and Union to inspect the automobiles parked along Union st., “Bum” crosses the street and ambles down Fifth ave. to pay a visit to Groppenbacher.

…a gladsome procession of high balls and beers inside him, tried to steal Charley, the ostrich, to provide a “big turkey” for a Thanksgiving feast at his home.

One of the women leaned over a counter, picked up a silver comb and shoved it through the trap door in her hat fitted with springs so that it could close securely.

A drooping mouth, flabby cheeks, a double chin, these are not necessary evils. A Davis Chin Supporter, worn while sleeping, tends to lift sagging muscles back to their normal position and aid in restoring their elasticity and firmness. Prevents mouth breathing.

…who was taken to the inshane (sic) asylum a raving maniac as the result of being thrown into a bathtub of ice water at Eugene in December because he was late for dinner..

The starch in the handkerchief irritated Chulip’s nostrils and poisoned him.

I will pay a reward of ten dollars for the conviction of parties who have my maltese poodle dog, Jack, shut up.

A case of Hamm’s beer will prove a splendid tonic for the tired housewife

the municipal hotel for penniless people

No steps have been taken to unfrock Rev. Ryan, but proceedings have been commenced by Rev. O’Ryan of St. Leo’s to have him examined for insanity.

…when eight prisoners cut a hole through the oak door of the county jail and escaped.

How are you fixed on the baby boy question?

They found Staub, hatless and coatless, in the house with two pairs of socks in his hand that he had taken from the clothesline.

He admitted the love part of the accusation, but denied the insanity.

PAM – By Hampton deeps, my love, we’ll meet. Your base betrothed the fish will eat. Whist wine we quaff and glide along. Midst humming, thrumming, boating throng. – Hal

N.E. – Sure meet you in Aden. Then settle long overdue accounts. – A.E.

Sounds ominous.

tipping is branded as un-american and illegal

…the license clerk dew up a pledge in which the husband agreed to renounce all girls and women but his wife and take no other to church.

the women left the cemetery together.

Henry Seward was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for stealing two monkeys from a seaman.

“I believe another generation will not have passed before the age-long mystery of death will have been solved and the existence and communion of the spirit people universally acknowledged and approved”

Phosphoric acid is used in many bottled soft drinks, including Coca-Cola, but should not be added directly to drinks because it is too concentrated. The original acid phosphate, made by the Horsford Chemical Company, was a mixture of calcium, magnesium and potassium phosphate salts with a small amount of phosphoric acid producing a liquid mixture with a pH of around 2.0, the same as fresh squeezed lime juice.

                                                 – Wikipedia

It turned out that a hornet had stung him.

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