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Green apples work havoc on the young boy’s stomach

Nordean said that he frequently suffered from lapse of memory and that in all probability he was in one of his trances when he led his wide to the altar. He could not now recall ever having participated in such an auspicious even with the woman who was arrayed against him.

Would Educate Mothers to Consent to Murder of Weak or Deformed Babies

…If mothers would be willing to have their children quietly put to sleep forever. when they are young and show signs of deformity or degeneracy, the world would be better.

Here is a dog that not only smokes, but lights his own pipes.

A few drops of plain lemon juice is an excellent and economical tooth wash

One lady was a little haughty in her manner, and as her hallucination was that she was Queen of Ireland her grandeur was overlooked.

Let’s start the new year with less widows!

Sick or well it will be wiser in the end to drink Kaffee HAG.

a policeman happened to see two huge feet protruding from the window

A startling story which will interest all who are short.

especially of the worthless hobo kind.

Did you ever see a man who looked like it? Do you want the baby to think that it is possible that there are such men?

Court is upset by white mouse in woman’s hat.

It is said Ferras accused Cravlah of taking his overcoat and Cravlah is said to have assaulted Ferras with a brick.

If baby could talk

He would say

“Take away that baby powder”

It is good for your health and certainly very refreshing.

Will not wet a lady’s hair. Put on like a collar.

for  Colds




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