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The Westminster Budget, London, England, May 6, 1898

Grandpapa’s Tales About Animals, James Bland, 1850

Not quite so lion-y nowadays:


Illustration by William Mackay, The Social Comedy, Life Publishing Co., 1902

Chicago Tribune, Illinois, February 23, 1935

The Era, London, England, March 16, 1889

Two time Olympic gold medalist Vicki Draves, LIFE Magazine, May 16, 1949

The Index-Journal, Greenwood, South Carolina, November 13, 1947

Travelling salesman Robert Brooks says goodbye to his wife Caryl, 1949

LIFE Magazine, May 23, 1949

Old Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat, W.S. Johnson, 1849

President Lincoln gets up close and personal with President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Madame Tussauds, London, 1937

Title page of The Nine Lives of a Cat: a Tale of Wonder, Charles H Bennett, 1860

Dame Wiggins of Lee, and Her Seven Wonderful Cats,

Richard Scrafton Sharpe, 1824


The Barre Daily Times, Vermont, November 21, 1903

Pussy and Her Language, Marvin R Clark, 1895

The Barre Daily Times, Vermont, November 21, 1903

Chicago Tribune, Illinois, January 11, 1925

The Eugene Guard, Oregon, June 15, 1958

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, April 30, 1906

Valerie, Viscountess Parker (later Countess of Macclesfield), 1937

Romi’s Antique Shop, 1949

In Romi’s antique shop on the Left Bank, Paris, photographer Robert Doisneau set up his camera to catch the public’s reaction after the proprietor noticed the amount of attention this picture, painted ca. 1900, by an artist named Wagner was receiving, 1949


LIFE Magazine, May 23, 1949

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